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What Matters Most? Developing Your Vision Board

Accomplishing goals and realizing your dreams! Doesn’t everyone want to experience success in their professional, or personal life? I firmly believe everyone desires to be successful. Some individuals lack the initiative, self confidence or understanding on how to accomplish this. Setting SMART goals which are S (specific), M (measurable), A (achievable), R (relevant) and T (time bound) could be one technique to accomplish a task or project.  Another method in accomplishing goals and realizing dreams is to create a Vision Board. A vision board is a helpful tool used by successful individuals to maintain vision and clarity. “What matters most” is the key in developing a vision board. If you are struggling on determining what matters most think about the following questions:  If money, people’s opinions and judgements, and fears were not factors- what would I want to be, do, or have? Start making a Be, Do, Have List. The following are examples:  I want a better paying job therefore I am going back to college.  My ideal vacation would be to travel to France.  I would like to  become healthier and lose 25 pounds this year. I enjoy being a  facilitator of change and I want to be a Life Coach.   What’s the point of making a list Stella? The point is to take time for you to develop clarity and focus before you create your vision board. Whatever dream or goal you have, creating a vision board can assist you in realizing success.

My dream is to continue to be a facilitator of change and eventually become a life coach. I want to use all the gifts God has given me to assist individuals in fulfilling their dreams and aspirations. I’m so excited about the future and what is in store for me. God continues to bless me.

“If you take one step towards your dreams, your dreams always take multiple steps toward you.” Christine Kane

Below is information on my upcoming Vision Board Workshop in McKinney, Texas. Join me for a full day immersion to focus on your authentic life and your ideal outcomes.

Practice Makes Purpose!