Greetings Friends!

Purposeful Living is my new blog site.  I am slowly navigating through this social media platform so please be patient. I am fortunate to have a wonderful tech savvy daughter who is an excellent teacher.

Why a blog? Well, why not I say.  I have always been an individual wanting to share with others to make life just a little bit brighter. With all that we see and hear on television and social media, we tend to become negative about the world around us.  We must be reminded that  there are so many things in life that are WONDERFUL and help  soothe the soul and warm the heart. We must strive to add a little more brightness in the world.

I recently retired from education after 29 years.  I love education because I firmly believe  it is the key to success in life. One can have many things taken away from them, but one cannot have their education taken away.

Why did I choose Purposeful Living as my blog title/name? When contemplating a title, I thought about everything I have done in my life and career. I realized that all I have done has been with a purpose.  When one has a purposeful life, one lives with joy, fulfillment, and love. You get up each morning and know something is  planned for you.  This is living.

“We are called to invest our passions in the service of life, not invest our life in the service of our passions. We are called to devote what we have on something more eternal…not something trivial or passing.”….. Mark Twain

Practice Makes Purpose!