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Welcome to 2020!

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Happy New Year Friends! I hope all of you had a wonderful New Year’s Celebration. Most friends my age, typically stay at home. It is funny that as we get older, we worry more about our safety. My birthday happens to land December 31st – my dad always tells me I was a wonderful tax break! For years, I have spent the day with my family on this day. This year was no different. I traveled to South Texas and spent time with family. My brother and my husband barbecued and my dad had mom cook cabrito (goat). I look at eating it and other farm animals differently now. When I see baby piglets, I want to give up bacon. When I see cows, I want to give up eating beef. I’m still not there… but who could ask for a better birthday? On another note (not farm animal related) my husband did something special for me on this day. He had a birthday card signed by all my family members and everyone stopped for a moment to sing Happy Birthday. That just doesn’t happen often. It is a gift that I’ll treasure forever. It was a really a good day….According to my grandson, Cole, Grandma Stella is 12 months old!

Can you believe we’ve entered a new decade? As the year passes or as we get older, time seems to fly by. I can remember when I was in junior high…. I couldn’t wait until I was older. NOW…. I want it to slow down a bit. I want time to enjoy my grandchildren, spend time with my parents, and just live a life of purpose. As the old year winds down and the new year begins, many individuals make new year resolutions. As a young adult, I too made those resolutions. My top resolution was to lose weight , focus on my health, find the perfect job, etc. Every December 31st, I looked back to see if I had accomplished my resolutions….sadly I didn’t and I would be disappointed. One day I realized that I didn’t need a yearly resolution…YES… read that right. I decided that my life for that one year wouldn’t be defined by those resolutions and there was more to me…. During the next 365 days, I vowed to love myself more, spread love, help those in need, and be kind EVERY DAY!

What will you do in 2020? If New Year’s Resolutions are for you then go for it! I’m here cheering you on…..but if they aren’t for you….think about the world all around and the power you have to make a difference. You are an incredible being with so much to give and receive. At the end of the day, Make Your Life Awesome!

Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.

Brad Paisley

Sending lots of love and joy your way friends.

Practice Makes Purpose!

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